The Batmobile as seen in Batman: The Animated Series.

The Batmobile made appearances in the various series of the DC Animated Universe: Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Static Shock, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Batman: The Animated Series, which initiated the continuity in 1992, used a distinctive visual combination of film noir imagery and Art Deco designs with a very dark color scheme, with elements of the Fleisher Studios' Superman shorts and Japanese anime also incorporated. The show combined "vintage" design elements like police blimps and pre-World War II vehicle styles with modern components like jet propulsion and computers.

The Batmobile for the series also combined style elements from various eras to produce a long, low vehicle with square lines, long fins, and a blunt nose with a massive chrome grill that could have been from any time from the 1930s to the 1990s. This version of the Batmobile also vaguely resembled the Batmobile from the first two Tim Burton movies. Despite the obvious presence of the jet exhaust, the show frequently used sound effects from a reciprocating engine for the Batmobile's driving scenes. This, plus direct views of the engine (as seen in the episode "The Mechanic"), suggest that the car used a large piston engine for primary power and an auxiliary jet for high-speed acceleration. In The New Batman Adventures, the Batmobile was redesigned, with its jet engine being most notably absent. In Batman Beyond, there was a flying car referred to as the Batmobile (in the show's future era, flying cars had become commonplace).

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